how to set the color of a pattern

(edit the XML)

fill patterns

how to adjust the pattern using the 'node tool':

Hershey Text

Single line font rendering for CNC / Laser Hershey Text is built into Inkscape as of version 0.91.0

Extensions > Render > Herschey Text


keep stroke-width while scaling

Rechtsboven in de toolbar staan 3 'Affect' knopjes. De eerste uitzetten.

probleem: copy-paste converteert naar bitmap

Oplossing: In X11 preferences het volgende UIT zetten: Update Pasteboard when CLIPBOARD changes

online center line trace

inkscape without X11

Inkscape crashcourse TIP!

The fantastic lxml wrapper for libxml2 is required (on Mac OSX)

This might work: edit /Applications/



just before:


Connect multiple lines


  • Ctrl+Shift+F voor het Fill & Stroke panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+X = xml editor
  • Ctrl+Shift+K = break apart path
  • Ctrl+K = combine path
  • Ctrl+Shift+A = align and distribute
  • Ctrl+Shift+D = document settings (always set default units to mm)
  • Ctrl+G = group
    • en - = in en uitzoomen
  • grid aan/uitzetten

  • | = snap to guides aan/uitzetten

Stroke venster aanzetten

Klikken op de stroke color linksonder in de statusbalk. Of Ctrl+Shift+F.

Snap to things

View->Show/Hide->Snap Controls om de toolbar aan te zetten voor 'snap' knopjes.


Er zijn ook diagonale guides. Je kunt dubbelklikken op een guide om cijfers in te typen.

Affect rechtsboven in toolbar

Bij resizen kun je met Affect aangeven dat ie bijv de lijndikte met rust moet laten.

accurate dimensions and linear extrude to OpenSCAD

  • draw a rect
  • type in 0 for x and 0 for y
  • stroke width 1mm
  • draw two circles / ellipses
  • set width and height to 5mm
  • position them roughy on the rect
  • for left circle make x 10
  • for right circle make x 90
  • (circles are not centered)
  • make y for both circles the same
  • group the two circles
  • use align center horizontal and vertically

next step is to extrude

  • ([[OpenSCAD]] cannot do bezier curves yet so converting a circle to a path is not enough). You need to save the dxf with only straight lines.

  • ungroup the circles

  • set a fill color for rect

  • select rect first and than one of the circles

  • then do a difference via the (?) menu

  • select all nodes

  • menu extensions modify path - add nodes

  • make length 2 pixels (it makes a lot of nodes)

  • now there are still curves only shorter ones. You now need to make straight lines of it by using the 'make segment lines' button on the toolbar.

  • export as DXF (with units mm)

[[OpenSCAD]] code: linear_extrude(file = "file.dxf", height=5);

templates (for bolds ie.)

  • make a clone through the edit menu
  • create tiled clones
  • it's hard to find the original one (but there is a menuitem to find it)
  • it's good to keep track of the original. put it somewhere else.


there's a grid in inkscape

non-destructive boolean operators?

  • not really possible
  • but you can make copies and use layers..

swap Command & Control buttons on OSX

lxml // libxml / libxml2