Raspberry PI pico

"...the Pico can be powered from 5V, but it works at 3.3V, so leaving software and hardware emulation aside for now, you'd need level shifters on almost every pin."

Raspberry PI in Virtual Box

SSH into Model A

https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/2oqs2a/how_can_i_ssh_into_the_a_model/ "By default, the A+ has no way to get onto a network. You need to add a Wifi adapter."

Raspberri pi internal WiFi

please note that the raspberry pi 3 internal wifi does currently not support the wifi channels 12 and 13

OS distro for full screen webpage

Voor Globe4D misschien nog 2 interessante Raspberry Pi alternatieven:

Peter's aantekeningen


gpio -g mode 17 out/in gpio -g write/read 17 1


gpio -g mode 18 pwm gpio -g pwm 18 512


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