Rick Companje (1979) loves Art, Science and Technology. With a background in Computer Science, Interaction Design and Media Technology at Leiden University he currently work as media artist, developer and Inventor. In 2005 he invented Globe4D, an interactive physical globe with Time as extra dimension. Rick also developed an interactive timeline for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and worked at a stereoscopic videocamera for the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2007 Rick was one of the nerds in the KRO tv‐program “Het Lab”. Since a few years Rick is a member of artist collective “De Spullenmannen” where he works on inventions‐nobody‐is‐asking‐for. Within this context he is cofounder of the open‐knowledge community OpenToko.org and FabLab Amersfoort. Furthermore he is a teacher at the HKU and gives programming workshops about Processing, OpenFrameworks and Arduino. Rick’s work has been exhibited worldwide in museums, conferences and during festivals like NEMO Science Center, ACM Siggraph, Wired Nexfest, Laval Virtual, TodaysArt, Cinekid and ScienceLinx.

Shorter Bio

Rick Companje (1979) loves Art, Science and Technology. With a background in Computer Science, Interaction Design and Media Technology he currently works as creative coder, media artist and inventor. One of his projects is Globe4D, an four-dimensional physically interactive globe used in museums and science-centers worldwide. Rick is also member of artist-collective De Spullenmannen where he works on exhibits for ‘Het Knopjesmuseum’. He is co-founder of the open‐knowledge sharing communities OpenToko.org and FabLab Amersfoort and one of his recent projects is within that context is Doodle3D, a sketching tool for children to simplify the process of drawing and printing in 3D. http://www.opentoko.org \
\ http://doodle3d.com


Rick Companje (1979) onderzoekt de ruimte tussen kunst, wetenschap en technologie. Met een achtergrond in Computer Science, Interaction Design en Media Technology werkt hij momenteel als media kunstenaar, programmeur en uitvinder. Recentelijk ontwikkelde hij Globe4D, een fysieke interactieve wereldbol waarbij tijd de extra dimensie vormt. Ook ontwikkelde hij voor het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam een interactieve tijdlijn en werkte hij aan de doorontwikkeling van een stereoscopische videocamera voor de European Space Agency (ESA). In 2007 was Rick te zien als een van de vaste nerds in het KRO televisieprogramma Het Lab. Sinds enige tijd is Rick actief binnen het kunstenaarscollectief "De Spullenmannen" waar hij meewerkt aan uitvindingen waar-niemand-op-zit-te-wachten. Binnen deze context was hij mede-oprichter van de open-kennis community OpenToko.org en is hij nauw betrokken bij de oprichting van FabLab Amerfoort. Verder verzorgt hij programmeercursussen en -workshops over Processing, OpenFrameworks, Arduino en iPhone.

Rick's werk wordt wereldwijd tentoongesteld in musea, op conferenties en op festivals waaronder NEMO Science Center, ACM Siggraph, Wired Nextfest, Laval Virtual, TodaysArt en Cinekid. Zie ook [[http://globe4d.com]].


E-Mail: rick at companje.nl

Testimonial MSc. Media Technology

Rick Companje \ During my travels in New Zealand I had so many creative ideas, among which a four-dimensional Earth globe, that I was certain of my desire for further study. I had completed a bachelor programme in interaction design. From across the world I sent my letter of application to Leiden, after which I was invited to an admission interview for the Media Technology MSc programme. In this programme I have learned to soak up scientific ideas and meanwhile be free to develop my own thoughts and ideas. With three fellow students I was able to develop my four-dimensional Earth globe. It was a great success! We traveled around the world with our globe and presented it at several scientific conferences and events in Europe, United States and India. The Maastricht Museum of Natural History bought one for their collection and it has been on display in NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam for several times. I now work part-time for the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, where I co-develop a 3D video camera. My dream job would be to only realize my personal ideas and inventions. My business card would then say: inventor-scientist-artist. It’s just too difficult to choose.